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We are TwoMuch

Twomuch is a new circus company formed by Maggie Bernay and David Sanchez, we do theatre, comedy but more than anything we are jugglers, we love object manipulation and tossing things up to the air.

More About us

After performing and working together for 3 years, we decided to take our learning farther and now we’ve successfully completed our BA degree at NCCA. Stronger than ever as a circus partnership and after thirteen years of being in a relationship, we have created our own new circus company TwoMuch. The future work of the company will be based in juggling, object manipulation and physical theatre, always spiced with comedy and high energy. As a company, we want to deliver comedy and juggling the place they deserved, into the contemporary circus scene. The company aims to put together a range of different shows, targeting adults and kids, and under the same umbrella selling both our solo shows and our duo shows. We strongly belief in motivating and inspiring new generations.

This is the project

If you think about it this is very cool, so far we have an experience and consolidated duo working for all ages, making people laugh and clap and feel good. At the same time we are using all our innovation to give them a message mostly inspired by real life themes while amazing them with our skills. All this will happen everywhere; outdoor and indoor venues, festivals, schools, any kind of event.