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Maggie Bernay

She was born an artist. Dancing, singing and acting used to be her strengths. When she was 11 she was asked to be a normal person, so her career was a tiny bit affected by that involuntary decision.

 On her early 20′ she got back to the artist world and after two years of absolute hula hoop enjoyment she wanted to see how circus was outside Spain, so she moved to London and she started a degree at National Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA), after three years of hard work she finished her BA with a wide knowledge on the theme, developing her own style on hula hoop manipulation, movement and having seriously increased her technique and her passion for comedy and theatre as well.

Nowadays, Maggie combines her career while performing now and then on different venues in London and she is co-founder of TwoMuch.

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Maggie Bernay

Graduated from National Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA), Maggie is an energetic and skillful circus artist. Hula hoop, physical theatre and comedy are some of her strenghts

 Co-founder of TwoMuch, Maggie performs her solo and duo acts all around uk and abroad.

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